Whether you're a sole trader with one vehicle or a small business operating a few vehicles, mileage capture and fuel costs can cause a lot of worry and take up a lot of your time, which can hold you back from running your business.

That's why we created JourneyTrack LITE a Mileage capture app and simple to use management dashboard. JourneyTrack uses your smartphone's GPS to track user journeys so you don't have to spend additional money and time buying additional hardware.  This data is then stored your own management dashboard ensuring all your business journeys and fuel expenses are kept safely in one place.

With no lengthy contracts and a simple pricing structure, you can be sure that once you've signed up with JourneyTrack you can get back to running your business.

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Does your business own or lease your company vehicles?

JourneyTrack Pro is an ideal solution for companies who either own or lease their company car fleet. 

The JourneyTrack app allows your employees to easily capture their business mileage and fuel expenses, this data seamlessly integrates with their User profiles within the management dashboard allowing their line manager, fleet manager or finance / payroll manager to authorise mileage expense claims, look at driver efficiency and ensure HMRC compliance.

The JourneyTrack mileage capture and management dashboard Pro edition integrates with our fuel card solutions which provide even greater insight into your drivers and ultimately your companies fuel drawings.

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Does your company operate a mixed fleet of owned, leased or grey fleet vehicles? 

Typically the larger the business and fleet size the more chance you of having to manage a mixed fleet. The challenges this type of fleet can bring can become messy and time-consuming.

JourneyTrack can help to overcome some of these challenges. We can provide your employees / drivers with an intuitive, easy to use app and management dashboard that promotes best practice when recording business mileage and fuel expenses. The ease of use helps to overcome potential challenges from staff adapting the technology which can be common place within larger organisations. 

All of the data is then pulled through by user / cost centre and assigned to the relevant line manager or administrator to approve mileage and fuel expenses. The dashboard also integrates with our fuel card solutions providing greater insight into drawing patterns , driver efficiency falsified journeys.  

The Pro version also provides designated "master" administrators such as fleet managers a live map view so they can see where drivers that are logged into the app are located.  

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