JourneyTrack is an innovative mileage capture solution which allows customers to manage their driving expenses in line with HMRC guidelines.

The mobile app uses your smartphone’s GPS meaning all of the journey’s data is captured easily without extra hardware.

The data is analysed and stored within the management dashboard helping companies keep track of employee fuel expenses efficiently.

Fleet managers and other admins can also access a live map, vehicle data, MPG analysis and fuel card expenditure by cost centres.

HMRC Compliant

Avoid costly fines due to inaccurate reporting / claims.

A solution to fit your fleet

JourneyTrack is designed for fleets of all sizes. Our simple pricing model reflects this.

Improve Driver Efficiency

The reports feature of our dashboard gives fleet managers insightful data about drivers.

Achieve Cost Savings

Gain greater insight into your fuel costs with our Management Dashboard. 

Easy Fuel Card Management

Manage mileage expenses and your fuel cards seamlessly. 

Simple GPS Mileage Capture

No additional hardware required. Our app uses your smartphone's GPS. 

Management Cloud Dashboard
Smartphone GPS App (iOS, Android, Windows)
Admin Management Tools
Manage Users
Manage Drivers
Manage Vehicles
Manage Journey History
Authorise Submitted Journeys
Manage Fuel Spend
Manage Cost Centres / Departments
Reports and Analytics
Fuel Spend Reports
Journey History Reports
Vehicle Performance Reports
Driver Performance Reports
Fuel Card Integration Reports
Photo Receipts
Real Time Live Map