Does a GPS Mileage capture App use a lot of mobile data?


A prospective customer recently asked us if the JourneyTrack GPS Mileage capture App uses a lot of mobile data?

It was a question we hadn't been asked before but our lead developer was keen to find out the answer so decided to run a few tests, we were quite surprised at the findings.  Here's what he found out:

After a few tests I would say it uses approximately 600 bytes (0.0006 mb) per minute whilst tracking (for the live location updates). At this rate it would take 1000 minutes of tracking to use 0.5mb of data. 

When uploaded, a 100 mile journey would weigh approximately 0.5mb. 

For comparison the average webpage size is approx 2.5mb. So every 500 miles tracked would be roughly equivalent to opening a single webpage. And as the journey data can now be uploaded over wifi if wanted, data usage can be almost entirely eliminated.

You learn something new everyday!