Our Opening Times over the Christmas Period


As we fast approach the end of the year filled with festive cheer, we'd thought it was a good idea to let you know our opening times during the Christmas and New Year holidays, so here they are: 


Monday 19th December: 8:00am -17:00 hours

Tuesday 20th December: 8:00am -17:00 hours

Wednesday 21st December: 8:00am -17:00 hours

Thursday 22nd December: 8:00am -17:00 hours

Friday 23rd December:   8:00am -17:00 hours

Saturday 24th December:  CLOSED

Sunday 25th December: Christmas Day - CLOSED

Monday 26th December: Boxing Day- CLOSED

Tuesday 27th December: Bank Holiday - CLOSED

Wednesday 28th December: 9am – 15:00 hours

Thursday 29th December: 9am – 15:00 hours

Friday 30th December: 9am – 15:00 hours

Saturday 31st December: CLOSED

Sunday 1st January: New Years Day - CLOSED

Monday 2nd January: Bank Holiday - CLOSED

Tuesday 3rd January:  8:00am - 17:00 hours


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone!