Mileage Capture & Fuel Card Management made easy.

Mileage Capture & Fuel Card Management made easy.

Achieve greater visibility and improve your fleet's efficiency with JourneyTrack.


JourneyTrack is an innovative mileage capture solution for businesses large or small. Powered by an innovative GPS Smartphone App, with no additional hardware required, our solution captures your employees journey data at the touch of a button.

The data is then uploaded and stored within your own management dashboard, ensuring your company can manage employee fuel expense claims as efficiently as possible. 

Fleet Managers and other admins can also access live map, vehicle data, MPG analysis and fuel card spendings by cost centre. 


The JourneyTrack dashboard gives users additional management tools to gain greater insight into fuel spend and driver behaviour. 

Why JourneyTrack?

JourneyTrack is designed to be an easy to use, efficient and helpful solution for your business to manage Mileage Expenses. 

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Fuel Card Integration

JourneyTrack has an exclusive partnership with Fuelmate which allows for seamless integration with the major fuel card networks.

Fuelmate Networks Include:

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Simple Mileage Capture

Management Reports 

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